Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Today we will try to give you a brief description of all the lawyers involved in motorcycle accidents in the United States and assist you with the contact number. I hope you will be benefit.

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  • Some questions and answers about motorcycle accidents

How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

When you ride a motorcycle, you are completely exposed. If you have an accident, you are more likely to be seriously injured. In fact, motorcyclists are 29 times more likely to die in an accident than car passengers. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you need to make sure that you have the right team of medical and legal professionals by your side. This is where the best motorcycle accident lawyers will help.

We've compiled a guide to help you shop among the best motorcycle accident lawyers in town.

Finding The Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You will find many options for personal injury attorneys of all kinds in your city. Ads are everywhere and you may be overwhelmed by the number of options Here are some key considerations to make sure you get the right one for your needs when talking to accident attorneys.

Get a referral

Get started in your network. If you ride a bike, you probably know others who have ridden and been involved in accidents. See who they use and if they will recommend them. It's an easy way to find someone you trust, knowing that they have helped a friend or family member in the same situation.

Ask about the experience of a motorcycle accident

Personal injury attorneys come in a variety of flavors, so don't assume that an auto accident attorney has the experience you need as a victim of a motorcycle accident. Get someone who deals with motorcycle accidents every day. Specifically ask how many motorcycle cases they have handled in the last year. That way, you know they understand the intricacies and complexities of a motorcycle accident. This knowledge helps you to get the best possible settlement for your case.

Review their track record

Find out how the lawyer behaved in their motorcycle case. You want to know how many cases have been settled and how many have been lost. Obviously, you are looking for someone who, in most cases, gets the right amount of settlement. When asking about their history, also ask about their court track record. Some attorneys may focus on out-of-court settlement but if your case is not settled, you will need a good litigant to take your case to court.

Works with contingency fees

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means they take their fees from the reward you receive. This means that attorneys should not charge any fees out of your pocket for holding and working for you. The industry average fee ranges from 33% to 40%, or more if the lawsuit goes to trial. Until it falls within this range, you are working with someone who is following industry standards. Your lawyer should explain to you the fee structure and give you a fee agreement to sign. Be aware that you may be responsible for out-of-pocket expenses in addition to the contingency fee.

Have a contact schedule

It can take a long time to settle a motorcycle accident case or go to court. Ask the attorney what their contact schedule is. You should expect to hear from your attorney about the progress of your case every few weeks. If you have questions you will be able to easily reach the attorney. Make sure they have an office setup that facilitates communication.

Why You Need A Motorcycle Accident Attorney/Laywer ?

Without an attorney, the insurance company will probably offer to pay the medical bill and fix your bike and that's it. However, there is more to it than just the medical bill. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will make sure that lost wages and pain and suffering are included in the discussion. In the end, having a lawyer means you have a lawyer to fight for the biggest reward possible and they have the legal skills to navigate the claims process.

Interviews with several motorcycle accident lawyers

Before you make a final decision, talk to at least three motorcycle accident lawyers to see who you feel best about. Consultations should be free, so talking to multiple lawyers is nothing to lose. Get a feel for their personality. The last thing you want is to assume that you are their number one caseload, rather than someone important to them.

List of Best lawyers for motorcycle accidents

01. Meyer Law Offices

Meyer Law Offices is a family-owned and operated civil litigation law firm taking cases for the people of Sacramento. One of the firm's practice areas is personal injury law, and its legal team negotiates with insurance companies on behalf of the victims of motorcycle accidents. It aims to reach a settlement or earn a verdict for losses, damages, and expenses. The firm also litigates claims involving defective products, slips and falls, and wrongful death.

Address: West Sacramento, CA 95691
Phone: (916) 226-9906

02. Megeredchian Law

Megeredchian Law offers legal services in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. It assists individuals involved in motorcycle accidents due to the negligence of other drivers. The team gathers evidence to make a strong case, including clients' medical records and expenses due to the accident. Whether they wish to settle or go to trial, the lawyers fight to get maximum compensation for medical bills, wage loss, and pain and suffering. Led by founder and president Alex Megeredchian, the firm has recovered more than $100 million for damages.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone: (888) 243-2050

03. Carter Wolden Curtis, LLP

Carter, Wolden, Curtis LLP is a personal injury law firm serving the people of Sacramento and the nearby areas. Its legal team is experienced with litigation of motorcycle accident claims, and it negotiates with the insurance provider to reach a fair settlement for medical bills and lost wages. If a settlement can't be reached, the attorneys fight in court for a verdict. Partner Cliff Carter has served as the president of the Capital City Trial Lawyers Association.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone: (916) 567-1111

04. Law Offices of Daniel H. Alexander

The Law Offices of Daniel H. Alexander is a sole-practitioner firm that serves the Sacramento metro area, representing clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents caused by another party's negligence. The firm gathers evidence such as witness statements and photographs, and it provides advice on the time limits that affect when a claim can be filed. It pursues compensation through both settlement negotiations and trial. Attorney Daniel H. Alexander, a motorcycle accident attorney in Sacramento is a member of the California State Bar Association.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone: (800) 530-4529

05. The Law Offices of Zappettini & Bradley

The Law Offices of Zappettini & Bradley is located in Sacramento and serves clients throughout the county by providing legal representation to those impacted by motorcycle accidents. It offers guidance to seriously injured individuals on how to handle the accident scene and file insurance claims. The firm's attorneys utilize four decades of combined experience in personal injury law to help clients recover vehicle repair costs, lost wages, and medical expenses.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95818
Phone: (916) 457-5022

06. Law Offices of Richard Lehrfeld

The Law Offices of Richard Lehrfeld, a team of motorcycle accident lawyers in Sacramento works with clients on personal injury cases, including motorcycle accidents since 1972. The firm also provides legal representation for criminal defense, family law, bankruptcy, and immigration cases. Mr. Lehrfeld worked previously as a personal injury claims adjuster for insurance companies and understands cases from both sides. The firm is multilingual and offers consultations in English, Spanish, Chinese, and other Asian languages upon request.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95821
Phone: (916) 482-5000

07. Kabanuck Law

Kabanuck Law is a personal injury law firm providing the people of Sacramento with litigation and mediation services. Founding attorney Nathan Kabanuck has previous experience defending major insurance companies during civil cases, and he uses this knowledge to advocate for his client in motorcycle accident lawsuits. He aims to ensure clients receive health care and compensation for medical bills, property damage, and lost wages. The firm also takes cases involving dog bites, brain injuries, and slips and falls.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 742-7709

08. Miner & Kelly

The Law Office of Miner, Kelly, & Sette is a civil litigation law firm that has been taking cases in Sacramento since 2003. The firm primarily practices personal injury law, and its attorneys are experienced with cases involving motorcycle accidents. They aim to help clients pay for current and future medical costs by obtaining compensation from the insurance company. The law office is affiliated with the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 325-9010

09. Law Offices of Steven C Sabbadini

Founded in 1979, the Law Offices of Steven C. Sabbadini and its team of motorcycle accident injury attorneys in Sacramento has more than 40 years of experience helping automotive accident claimants, including motorcycle accident victims, in the Sacramento metro area and beyond. The firm explores all recovery avenues and potential defendants, with the goal of obtaining maximum verdicts or settlements for its clients. Attorney Sabbadini has an AV rating with Martindale-Hubbell and is a member of the American Society of Legal Advocates.

Address: Woodland, CA 95695
Phone: (530) 309-6987

10. Robert Amendola & Associates, A Law Corporation

Robert Amendola & Associates, A Law Corporation
With three offices in the state, Robert Amendola & Associates represents those that have suffered due to the negligence or recklessness of another party. The firm's legal team works on behalf of the victims of motorcycle accidents, and it aims to recover restitution from insurance carriers for the clients' expenses, losses, and injuries. It also takes cases involving dog bites and burn injuries. Founder Robert Amendola is a member of the Consumer Attorneys of California.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone: (916) 924-8787

11. Law Office Of Daniel Hernandez

The Law Office of Daniel Hernandez is a personal injury and workers' compensation law firm taking clients in and around Sacramento. Founding attorney Daniel Hernandez has been practicing law since 2012, and he helps those that have suffered due to motorcycle accidents. He aims to recover compensation on his clients' behalf for their medical and property damage costs, mental and physical anguish, and lost wages. Hernandez is fluent in English and Spanish.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: (916) 701-4848

12. Airola Law Offices

Airola Law Offices handles motorcycle accident cases for clients with its team of motorcycle accident attorneys in Sacramento and throughout northern California. On behalf of injured motorcycle riders, the firm pursues compensation by dealing with insurance companies. It attempts to recover damages for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, and it explores other available relief options. Attorney John V. Airola has more than 27 years of personal injury experience and is a past board member of the Capital City Trial Lawyers Association.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: (916) 971-3314

13. Berg Injury Lawyers

Berg Injury Lawyers provides legal counsel and representation from its Sacramento office. Its attorneys pursue compensation on behalf of injured motorcycle riders, whether the accidents were caused by poor communication, hazardous roads, or negligent drivers. They also handle claims involving scooter, boat, car, and truck accidents. In addition, they represent victims of defective Philips Respironics sleep apnea machines. Firm founder William Berg has been in practice since 1980. He wrote numerous personal injury-related legal articles and guides.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: (866) 403-4922

14. Schwarzkopf Law

Schwarzkopf Law is a personal injury law firm with a team of motorcycle accident injury attorneys in Sacramento that has represented clients injured in auto accidents, including those involving motorcycles, for over 20 years. The firm works to obtain client compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damage, and lost wages. The office has experience disputing claims made by insurance companies that place the motorcyclist at fault. The firm's attorneys also have experience handling cases involving brain and spinal injuries, defective products, and wrongful death.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone: (916) 925-6000

15. Law Office of Brian H. Turner

The Law Office of Brian H. Turner is a personal injury law firm representing the community of Sacramento. The firm helps those that have been injured in a motorcycle accident, and its legal team gathers evidence from the collision, helps the client find health care, and pursues compensation for its client's losses. It also takes cases related to dog bites and drowning accidents. Founder Brian Turner is a member of the American Association for Justice.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone: (916) 229-8800

16. Law Office of Raymond E. Lewis

The Law Office of Raymond E. Lewis is a personal injury law firm representing the motorcycle riders of Sacramento. The firm litigates cases in which a rider was injured due to the negligence of another party, such as a driver or the motorcycle's manufacturer. It aims to recover restitution from the insurance company for the clients' medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Founder Raymond Lewis maintains an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 923-2223

17. Law Office Of Patrick L. Hinrichsen

The Law Office Of Patrick L. Hinrichsen is a private practice in Sacramento. It has over 32 years of experience handling minor and severe injury cases resulting from vehicular accidents. The firm also provides legal representation to wrongful death and products liability cases. Its sole attorney, Patrick, is a recipient of the 2017 National Trial Lawyers – Top 100 National Civil Plaintiff Lawyer Award. He is also the youngest named partner at Wilcoxen, Montgomery, Harbison, and Hinrichsen in 2000.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone: (916) 446-9898

18. Power Legal Group PC

Power Legal Group PC is a personal injury law firm that represents clients injured in motorcycle accidents in Sacramento. It guides clients in understanding the personal injury litigation process and aids in recovering and maximizing compensations for losses. Its team of attorneys fights for victims' rights to claim extensive medical care from insurance companies that refuse to provide fair compensation. One client relayed that owner Bobby Yaghoubian got him a better settlement than what another party's insurance offered. Pls replace the last sentence with other info, instead of a testimonial. You can talk about the firm's other practice areas ( or how they can accommodate clients who speak Spanish. Thanks. The rest of the snippet is fine.

Address: Sacramento, CA 90017
Phone: (626) 609-7400

19. Doyle & O'Donnell

With over 25 years of experience, Doyle & O'Donnell performs legal services for clients in the Sacramento metro involved in motorcycle accidents. The pair of lawyers aids motorcycle accident victims through navigating the legal system, from insurance company settlements to getting compensation for injuries, including bills, lost wages, and therapy. Doyle & O'Donnell also practices in personal injury cases. Margaret Doyle is the past president of the Capitol City Trial Lawyers, while Daniel G. O'Donnell serves as an adjunct professor for the Los Rios Community College District.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 706-2616

20. Omega Law Group, PC

The Omega Law Group, PC, is a legal office serving clients in Sacramento. It focuses on injury and accident cases, including motorcycle accident lawsuits. The lawyers at the firm assist victims of distracted or reckless driving, drunk driving, DUI, and poor road conditions. They protect their rights in and out of court and help them obtain fair compensation for their incurred injuries and losses. One of the firm's founding partners, Robin Saghian, is also a licensed California real estate broker. His affiliations include CAALA and CELA.

Address: Sacramento, CA 90212
Phone: (213) 463-1124

Here are some common questions and answers we need to know about motorcycle accidents

What does a motorcycle accident attorney do?
Motorcycle accident attorneys provide legal advice, negotiate with insurance companies, and represent accident victims in and out of court. They investigate the cause of collisions, establish fault, value claims, prepare legal documents, and fight to recover adequate compensation for their clients. Most lawyers in this practice area also handle car and truck accidents and other personal injury claims.

What is my motorcycle accident injury claim worth?
Injured motorcyclists may be eligible for several types of compensation depending on their losses, state of residence, and level of fault. Whether or not they were wearing a helmet may also come into play. A lawyer can help to evaluate claims based on medical expenses, property damage, past and future lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma.

How long after a motorcycle accident can you claim an injury?
The statute of limitations for personal injury claims is typically two years from the date of the accident. However, each state has its own rules. In Tennessee and Louisiana, for example, victims of motorcycle accidents have just one year to file a lawsuit. In Maine, Minnesota, and North Dakota, individuals have up to six years to initiate a claim.

What is the average settlement for a motorcycle accident injury?
Based on eight years of national data, the average verdict in motorcycle accident cases ranges from $74,000 to $560,000. Also note that the majority of claims are settled out of court. Riders may receive compensatory damages for medical bills, property damage, and lost wages, as well as general damages for emotional trauma, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium. Additionally, in states that follow a comparative negligence model, the plaintiff’s claim may be reduced according to his or her level of fault.

What is the first thing I should do after a motorcycle accident?
The steps that you take immediately after a collision can be instrumental in proving an accident or injury claim. In general, you should follow these guidelines:
  • Gather insurance and contact information from the other driver and any witnesses.
  • Contact law enforcement to report the collision and complete an accident report.
  • Document injuries, property damage, and road conditions.
  • Visit a doctor or hospital within 24 hours.
  • Avoid discussing the accident with the other driver or their insurance company.

How does the motorcycle injury claim process work?
Motorcycle accident cases typically start with an insurance claim. After documenting their client’s losses and establishing fault, attorneys generally prepare a demand letter requesting compensation from the other driver’s insurance company. It can take anywhere from one to six months for insurance adjusters to make a settlement offer. If the company denies the claim or the parties can’t reach an agreement, the lawyer can prepare a notice of intent to sue and file a formal lawsuit with the appropriate court.

How do many motorcycle crashes happen?
The most common causes for motorcycle collisions are drunk driving, exceeding the speed limit, and left turns. In 42% of all motorcycle collision fatalities, another vehicle turned left in front of an oncoming motorcycle. Motorcycle accidents are also caused by dangerous road conditions, such as crumbling pavement, debris in the road, and potholes. Other factors that contribute to motorcycle accidents include unsafe lane changes, sudden stops, lane splitting, inexperienced drivers, motorcycle defects, and car doors opened in the path of a motorcycle.

How many motorcyclists get into accidents?
In 2017, of the over 8 million motorcycle riders that year, approximately 89,000 were injured in motorcycle accidents and over 5,000 motorcycle collisions resulted in fatalities. The fatality rate for 100 million miles driven is 25.67, which is largely attributed to the lack of helmet use. Most fatal crashes involving motorcycles happened during the heaviest traffic times between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Are motorcycles more dangerous than cars?
Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars because they lack any protection for the rider in the event of an accident. Motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die in a crash and more than five times more likely to be injured than those riding in enclosed vehicles. Because of their small size, motorcycles’ lack of visibility is a major contributing factor in collisions with other vehicles. Motorcycles are also more vulnerable to weather conditions and road hazards than other automobiles.

How do you check a motorcycle after a crash?
For a minor crash with no injuries, the immediate danger is being struck again by oncoming traffic, so moving your bike off of the road as soon as possible is imperative. Check your mirrors, brake lights, headlight, and controls. You should also check to make sure there is no leaking fluid, such as fuel or oil.
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